(Premium Indicator) KDJ & RSI Kenvin is the best tool in trading for the Best Open Entry and the Exit Entry

This Indicator is call: RSI and KDJ
Which is combined customized KDJ and RSI 14 period

KDJ: Buy when J (purple) is going up and and crossing KD (Aqua Color) from below. (Green Circle)
RSI (14): Overbought when RSI is over 70 (white color),
RSI (14): Oversold when RSI is under 30 (white color)

Special :
– When J (Purple) going up over 110 : Strong Overbought and Market will correct after that soon.
– When J (Purple) going down over -10 : Strong Oversold and Market will correct after that soon.

Link Tool: https://www.tradingview.com/script/fDv2E5B3/

KDJ & RSI KENVIN by ProForexVungTau on TradingView.com

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