(Premium Indicator) 2STOCH KENVIN – Pro Scalping with any timeframe, how to find “the best entry”

Source: Tradingview
Base: Pinscript version 4
Author: Kenvin Hoang (Telegram: @KenvinHoang – Mobile/whatapps: +84937062688)
Name script Indicator: 2STOCH KENVIN
Type: Premium Indicator
Price: 100$/1 month.

This is Stochastic indicator was Optimized by Kenvin Hoang
– More smooth and clear
– More effective with double stoch and special signal
– Give you the chances to catch “the best trade” when the 2 condition matching

# Some information need to know

Plot color : RED = SELL SIGNAL when signal line in Red-Range
Plot color : GREEN = BUY SIGNAL when signal line in Green-Range

2STOCH KENVIN by ProForexVungTau on TradingView.com

# How to Entry:

1. Entry Buy condition:

– Entry Buy Market when Both of 2 Stoch Condition matching in GREEN Zone and Green signal

– 2 Stoch Signals Green at the same time

– Signal appear in the Green Zone

2. Entry Sell condition

– Entry Sell Market when Both of 2 Stoch Condition matching in RED Zone and Red signal

– 2 Stoch Signals RED at the same time

– Signals appear in the RED Zone


Scalping GU M1 this morning

Yellow Zone: BUY ENTRY with +19 pip
Red Zone: SELL ENTRY with +11 pip
NOTE: The PRICE will quickly run when the BLUE-line escape from the COLOR ZONE. All you need to do is: HOLD HOLD and HOLD for improving profit.

This “2Stoch Kenvin” indicator is higher level version and better than “Stoch 1 Kenvin” was public. (This post)

This premium indicator “2Stoch Kenvin” costed 100$ per month to use and not in public market.
Link Script:  https://www.tradingview.com/script/Vi336lrV-2STOCH-KENVIN/

P/S: If you wanna try Premium Indicator or Good Strategy feel free to contact Kenvin telegram: @KenvinHoang / Whatsapp/ Zalo: +84937062688

Happy Trading.

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